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Success Stories

8th grade math student

"Sylvan has education that is rarely found elsewhere"

- Nick

7th Grade Reading and Math Student

"September 10, 2013

In October 2012, we enrolled our 12 year old granddaughter Cloie in the reading and math programs at Sylvan Learning Center. After attending school all day, Cloie never once complained about having to to to Sylvan for four hours every week. At the end of the school year, she had made significant progress, advancing in both subjects. We have now enrolled her in the fall program and are looking forward to more improvement. The staff is a pleasure to work with. We want to extend a special thank you to Bethany Norman."

- Robin Albert

7th Grade Reading and Math Student

"Collin started school on Tuesday and is so happy! The confidence he has now in his math and reading are truly amazing. For now he is taking a Basic Math class and is actually ahead of the class thanks to Sylvan. English is the same...ahead of the class. He told me yesterday that he had an assignment dealing with synonyms. He said he learned those already at Sylvan. Collin is truly a more confident and eager student thanks to Sylvan and his hard work."

- Brad

Reading and Math

""From the very beginning, we have felt very comfortable. We are seeing a little improvement and look forward to seeing much more. The lessons seem to be tailored for individual needs. Bethany is a pleasure. She has a wonderful way about her. I really feel she cares about my granddaughter's success. It's not just a job to her. I think that holds true for everyone there. As you very well know, not all educators are in it for the right reasons. Bethany led the conference that we had today, very well.
We have a granddaughter feels good...I felt good....Lookin forward to tomorrow.""

- Grandparent of 6th grader

High School Homework Support

""I love the one on one attention that the student receives.""

- Parent of 10th grade math student


""The staff has been extremely helpful and friendly. They work very hard to make my son feel welcome to every session.""

- Parent of 2nd grader

Published Author Thanks Sylvan

"Rangeview HS student Isioma W. recently published her first novel and completed her Sylvan math program. Here is her testimonial:

Dear Carol, Lyn and the Sylvan Staff:

I am thankful for the support and help you provided me. This tutoring program helped me improve my weak points in math and gave me the foundation that I needed to be successful in both math and chemistry. Thank you for your care and support. I am truly grateful and will not take any of this for granted."

- Isioma W.

Study Skills

"Sylvan has taught me a lot this summer. I plan on using my learning style to help me learn and also to study better. I will be more organized this school year because I will use my planner. Using my planner was never a priority before but now I see how helpful it will be. I will write down dates for big projects and important test dates. Knowing when my test dates are will help me follow my plan of studying 4 days ahead of time vs the night before. I am pleased with the work I have done at Sylvan and will use it to be a better student."

- 8th Grade Sylvan Student

Reading struggles

"Our son had struggled with his reading for years - the Denver Sylvan was conveniently located so we thought we would give it a try. His reading work at Sylvan has helped his reading and some of his other grades at school. He loves Sylvan, never fights about going. He is much more positive about his ability to read."

- Sylvan Mom

Tremendous Results

"Our son is now at grade level! He is more confident in his abilities and has not lost a love of learning in this process. His confidence and skill set have grown tremendously this past year, thanks to Sylvan."

- Sylvan Dad

Happy Family

"Carol, I can't tell you what a difference Sylvan has made for us. In fact, we were reflecting on all the positive things that have happened to her recently, the excellent review she got on her part in the school play, being voted senior prom queen, taking the AP Stats exam without an anxiety attack-she said she thinks it's because of Sylvan giving her the confidence to accomplish big, noteworthy things. Thank you so much!

Take Care,"

- Sylvan Mom

Celebrating Success in Reading!

"Joshua fell behind in school when reading became integrated in all of his academic subjects in the second grade. He excelled after attending Sylvan’s Beginning Reading program, and within months, he graduated into Sylvan’s Academic Reading program,” says Alicia. “Sylvan helped my son have fun and enjoy learning when he was at his most discouraged point. Before attending Sylvan, Joshua acted out and refused to do his work in class in order to deflect attention from the fact that he was having trouble reading and could not keep up with his classmates. Now, Joshua is more confident and proactively reads by himself. He even asks us to buy him books at the school book fair.""

- Alicia, mother of a 4th grader


"Last October when our family first committed our time and money to Sylvan it was a very stressful time for Mariah with her schoolwork and her homework. Her potential was there, but her desire was always faulty because she lacked confidence. There were many times I myself lacked the right words or technique to help her, but the Sylvan family stepped up. She was nurtured and shown that there was a desire to learn within herself, and it was more powerful than any fear she may have had. You don't know how great a feeling it is for Mariah to come home and start her homework without hesitation. It's also great as a parent to watch her start her assignments without having to step in. She has blossomed into this strong, confident young girl who faces challenges and opportunities with a willingness that she is in charge and can handle the task. Over the past few months since she began at Sylvan, Mariah has worked really hard to set high standards for herself. Because of her hard work she has achieved the status of Honor Roll. I would like to say that her experience at Sylvan has shown her that all things are possible with the right mental attitude. Mariah will finish her last year of elementary school as a 6th grader with more A's on her report card than she has ever had at one time. This experience at Sylvan has put Mariah on the road to success. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family's heart!"

- 6th Grade Mom

Video Testimonial



We have a friend in Sylvan!

"My son is a smart kid but had significant gaps in his learning. At age 14 and in the 9th grade he was tested at a 5th grade level in both reading and math. Sylvan predicted it would take him 156-182 hours in reading and another 71-102 in math just to catch up. Working with your teachers and staff he was able to complete his reading program in 72 hours and exceeded his math program by a full year in only 36 hours! I can't help being tearful as I write this. Sylvan has been the positive aspect in his learning that he could not receive anywhere else. The staff at Sylvan Learning Center of Denver are wonderful people that we are blessed to now know as friends; please extend the greatest honor Sylvan has to offer to these wonderful people they are invaluable to the Sylvan name."

- A Sylvan Mom. Rocks!

"Kimberly, a local online instructor, has glowing things to share about Sylvan's free Kimberly comments that, "Our kids love it! The videos on have a person in front of a camera. This can be a HUGE difference for some kids... the fact that there is a real person they can see seems to make a difference." "I also like to use it to show kids good examples of how to take notes-- the note sheets you can download are pretty cool.""

- Kimberly- local online teacher

Over the Moon

"Dearest Lyn,
Boogie and I want all of the staff at Sylvan to know how thankful we are for your dedication to children. We've seen a dramatic and positive change in Tyson since his tenure at Sylvan. His reading skills are superior to what they were before, and his confidence when reading is now in abundance!
Thank you so much for what all of you have done, and continue to do, for the children. We will miss all of you, but there will always be a place in our hearts for each and everyone.
God bless you all!
Barb Whitfield"

- Barb Whitfield