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Success Stories

Staci from Cleveland, Tn

"My son was advised he needed to stay in first grade another year. His father had just passed away 2 months before and I opted to block holding him back. As I felt he had enough trauma in his life. We enrolled him at Sylvan in Cleveland over the Summer. He enjoyed the classes and we saw some improvement. He was tested the 4th week of 2nd grade and found to be on grade level. No more remedial or special ed classes! He is so proud and confident! I am so proud and grateful to the staff that's helped my son excel. He says "Daddy would be proud of me". I'm very proud of him and the staff of caring people we encountered. Sylvan made a difference in our lives. It takes a special person to make a difference and thank God we found more than one. I highly recommend this staff!"

- Staci, Cleveland, Tn

TCAPs better than EVER!!!

"Chris, I know you think we left Sylvan and fell off the face of the earth, we've just been busy. I wanted to send you copies of Nick's TCAP results from 4th grade. I also want to thank you and the staff as Sylvan. As you can see and will probably compare to 3rd grade results, Nick's improvement is tremendous! He owes so much of his success to ALL of you at Sylvan. He worked hard, but without your help he could not have achieved what he did.
I also wanted to let you know that Nick has now entered the TAG program at Hardin Valley as well as the advanced math class. His self confidence in his school work is the highest it has ever been and Nick now believes that he is smart. It was really wonderful as a parent to see his excitement as he shared the news of TAG and advanced math. We can't thank you enough and are singing your praises to everyone who will listen."

- J.C., parent of a Hardin Valley Student

Reading Fluency Success!

"Last year Jessica had over 500 words to work on for spelling and recognition. She was still struggling with over 300 of them at the beginning of the summer. Now, with all your help, she is down to only 33 that she still has problems with, and her reading has improved considerably. Aces to all and thanks."

- Lyn A.

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