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Learn how our new SylvanSync™ system combines the personal attention your children need with the iPad® technology they love.

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We love Sylvan!

Megan and the entire staff are amazing, and my daughter's program was exactly what she needed. She has begged to continue with Sylvan because she loves it so much! Her confidence has grown and she seems so much more at ease with all of the skills she has worked on. I love Sylvan!
- Jennifer - 3rd Grade Daughter - Highland

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We can customize a program to fit your child's learning needs.

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Spring Special

Spring is a great time for new beginnings and fresh starts. To help your student blossom in learning, we are currently offering 10% off prepaid tuition when you enroll by April 30th. Call today to get started!

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iPad® Technology Powering Today's Sylvan
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