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The Bronxville Sylvan Learning Center helps students learn how to become self-motivated, independent, and most importantly approach school, as well as life, with confidence. Our tutoring programs are available both when school is in session, as well as during the summer with additional instructional hours. We are constantly looking for new ways for Bronxville Sylvan to better help students achieve success. Here, we update you on the latest news, contests, and seasonal offers released by our local center.

Word Crimes

Does your student need to improve writing and reading skills? Enjoy watching the video, "Word Crimes," then give us a call at (914) 237-4396 to learn how Sylvan Bronxville can help.

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SAT® Test Prep ~ Sign up now!

*Schedule subject to school holidays
Test Date  Class Dates   Meeting DaysMeeting TimesNumber of SessionsCost
All Fall DatesJun 24 - Jul 31Tues & Thurs5:30-8:00 pm12 + 3 practice tests$1195
Oct. 11, 2014Aug 27 - Oct 8Mon & Wed5:30-8:00 pm12 + 3 practice tests$1195
Nov. 8, 2014Sep 16 - Nov 6Tues & Thurs6:30-8:30 pm15 + 3 practice tests$1195
Dec. 6, 2014Oct 12 - Nov 30Sunday1:00-5:00 pm8 + 3 practice tests$1195

Includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, 3 practice tests and
24 x 7 access to website.

Bring a friend, or enroll 90 days before the test date, and save $100!

Free Practice SAT® Test

High school students are invited to take a free practice SAT on a date of their choice.

Results will be shared with each student and their parents, including areas to improve. Call now to register!  Bronxville: 914-237-4396

Introducing Sylvan's New Online Homework Support Service

Finish your homework faster and easier! With, you'll see short videos, corresponding to the exact pages and concepts in your textbook, that explain the math lessons you're studying. presents math problems in a new way, shows you the work so you can see how to do it, and provides practice problems (with the answers!), so you can master the concepts in no time!

To get started, visit to sign up - a FREE trial is available! Select your textbook and page number and the video will explain exactly what you need to know.

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More information about Sylvan Math Prep

Sylvan's Teacher Appreciation Day at Staples

Sylvan Executive Director, Steve Huff, and Director of Education, Georgia DeVaney, participated at the Staples Teacher Appreciation event to kick-off a new school year.
Sylvan's Teacher Appreciation Day at Staples