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Meet the Tutors

The tutors of Bronxville Sylvan Learning Center are all Sylvan trained and certified so that they can best address your child’s academic needs. Our tutors are dedicated to working closely with you and your child in order to help your child reach his or her goals. We start by pinpointing your child’s strengths and areas for improvement through the Sylvan Skills Assessment®. From there, our Bronxville Center staff develops a personalized learning plan for your child and offers unique insights about what methods will work best with your child. Ultimately, our tutors will build a relationship with your child and provide a fun, engaging, and rewarding learning environment. The Bronxville Sylvan Learning Center staff consists of highly experienced and established educational professionals who take great pride in their work with students who want to catch up, keep up, or get ahead.

Executive Director, Bronxville tutoring

Steve Huff

Executive Director

Steve became Executive Director of Sylvan Learning of Bronxville in 2006 when he and his wife, Kathy Smith, purchased the Sylvan Learning Centers in Bronxville and White Plains.  Prior to Sylvan, Steve was a Managing Director at Citigroup and has previous business experience with Pepsico.  Steve earned a BA in Chinese Studies from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Georgia deVaney

Director of Education

Georgia joined Sylvan Learning of Bronxville in 2000 as a certified teacher and has been Director of Education since 2001.  She earned her B.A. in Education from Arizona State University and her M.A. in Educational Psychology/Early Childhood from California State University at Northridge.  Prior to joining Sylvan, Georgia taught 1st grade with the Los Angeles City Schools and in a private school in New York City before becoming Director of their pre-K - 3rd grade Program.