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Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, and kids are no exception. 

All children can use extra support to stay on track, to get ahead, to challenge themselves, or to address an area of struggle.

Watch our brief video to find out if your child could benefit from a tutor:

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Meet the Tutors

The instructors at Langley Sylvan Learning are all Sylvan-trained and certified so that they can best address your child’s academic needs.

Working together with you, our Langley teachers will:

  • Pinpoint your child’s learning needs
  • Develop a personalized learning plan based on your child’s goals
  • Offer unique insights about what will work for your child
  • Teach each lesson the way your child learns best
  • Build a relationship with your child to provide learning that’s fun, engaging and rewarding
Put years of educational experience to work for your family. Contact us at Langley Sylvan Learning to find out how we can help!

Centre Director, Langley tutoring

Deby Basra

Centre Director

Deby describes herself as a "people person" and Sylvan is a perfect environment for this naturally gregarious individual. "I love working with children, and at Sylvan, I feel I can really impact someone’s life in a positive way," she says.

After graduating from the University of Alberta with her B.Ed, Deby was immediately attracted to Sylvan. "I always felt that there were too many kids falling through the cracks," says Deby. "Two key things attracted me to Sylvan. First of all, we have the time to devote to each child’s individual needs, and secondly, I love working with families and helping children to become strong, confident learners."

Deby has been with Sylvan since 2002. Many of our Langley families know her from her years as the dedicated and caring Director of Education at the centre. She is now looking forward to continuing to work with them in her capacity as Centre Director. 

Director of Education, Langley tutoring

Elizabeth Hamilton-Gault

Director of Education

Elizabeth has been with Sylvan Learning since 2011. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from UBC Okanagan. She has taught chemistry labs to first-year science students as well as tutored first-year chemistry students.

“Working with Sylvan will give me the opportunity to help those students whose needs are not being met at school,” says Elizabeth, who is looking forward to working with our Langley families as Director of Education. “I am excited to be able to positively impact these students while helping them to become confident learners and to see success in school.”