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Success Stories

A Different Child

"Each teacher was warm and friendly. Perfect environment for a child starting with low self esteem! My child's teacher's first comoment this year about him was, "Different child!" I love Sylvan! Thank you!"

- Lori, a Sylvan parent

Quality Instructors

"All the teachers and staff were great. You can tell that they care about their students. My son feels that he can do Algebra I now without help. He has the confidence now. Thanks to the teachers and the staff."

- A Sylvan Parent

Best Year Ever

"I am really pleased with the overall experience at Sylvan. My son is like a totally different child. He is much more confident with his work, attitude, and overall self. He now reads aloud for everyone to hear. His school grades are terrific. This is the best year we've had in his 7 yrs. of schooling."

- Lisa, A Sylvan Mother.

Thank You

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did hleping my son reach his reading potential. In only six months he went from a second/third grade reading level to a fifth grade reading level. He is now choosing to sit down and read over other activities and I have to make him turn off his bed lamp at night because he is reading late into the night. Thanks again for all your help."

- Bonnie, a Sylvan mother

Better Grades

""My son started Sylvan reading on a 2nd grade level entering the 6th grade. He currently has an A+ in reading.""

- Sylvan Parent

Awesome Experience!

""We had an awesome experience at Sylvan. My son looked forward to his tutoring sessions and always was happy and had a great attitude after his sessions. If he should need additional help we would not hesitate to return to Sylvan. Thanks so much for all of your help.""

- Sylvan Parent

Attitude has Changed!

""My daughter attended the Sylvan Learning Center for approx. 6 weeks during the summer months. She received assistance with math. She now has an 'A' in math and is on the 'High Honor Roll' in Jr. High. Her attitude has completely changed regarding math - It is now positive. I would highly recommend Sylvan to everyone! Thank you for all your help and kindness.""

- Sylvan Parent

No More Struggling

""It was a joy to see my son not stuggle anymore with homework. He struggled with reading and math but to see confidence in himself was great. He liked to attend Sylvan and I never heard him complain about going. He now does homework with little help and his writing skills for reports has improved.""

- Sylvan Parent