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Tuesday: 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM
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Sylvan InSight Prices & Fees (effective 11/1/12)
Skills Assessments:

• $139 - Comprehensive Testing Fee (assessment in multiple subjects)    

• $99 - Single Program Testing Fee (any single subject)

Hourly Tuition Rates & Discounts: (In center and online tutoring)

• $39 - Academic Session Rate

• Educator/Teacher Discount Rate (additional $2.00 discount on all rates)
• $55.00 - Private 1:1 tutoring (In-Home or In-Center)
• $35.00 - Sibling Rate (additional students from same family – 31% discount)
• Business Partnership Discount (additional $2.00 discount on all rates)
• $975 - SAT/ACT Seminar Programs

Lower Monthly Cost with Sylvan Financing Option:

Sylvan’s Financing Partner, Your Tuition Solution, provides an affordable monthly payment plan. Financing reduces your monthly payment amount by extending the payoff period. It is available to parents or other creditworthy family members of children attending Sylvan.  Sylvan does not provide direct financial aid grants.

How it works:

• Extended financing offers interest rates between 2.99% to 15.99% depending on your credit score. Financed amount can be repaid over a period between 24 and 60 months.
• Interest-free financing allows you to avoid paying interest as long as the loan is paid in full within the assigned payoff period (12 or 18 months).

EXAMPLE OF A FINANCED PROGRAM*Fourth-grader Bobby assessed in reading and scored on a 3rd grade level. His parents’ goal is to have him reading on a 5th grade level before the start of his 5th grade year. Sylvan and his family developed a program of 72 instructional hours to accomplish this goal. Financing allows Bobby to attend Sylvan four hours a week and complete his program in less than 5 months.

Interest Free Option: 4 hours per week – 12 month repayment: $292 monthly payment
                                    4 hours per week – 18 month repayment: $194 monthly payment

Extended Plan Option: 4 hours per week – 24 month repayment: $176 monthly payment
                                       4 hours per week – 36 month repayment: $121 monthly payment

*This example is for illustration purposes only. Exact program, fees and payments will depend on your choices. To be eligible for financing, the basic minimum requirements are $25,000/year household income, current on major trade lines (mortgage, auto loan, credit card), no bankruptcy in the past six years, and acceptable debt-to-income ratio.