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Success Stories

What Our Parents Say About Sylvan

"Sylvan SW is a wonderful place! My kids were motivated and always excited to go. Bruce followed up with their teachers and held regular conferences with us. He thoroughly explained all testing results even the ISTEP, NWEA, and IREAD as will as the benchmark testing. My children not only received help for lacking educational skills but learned how to study, plan and organize. If we should ever need help again, I know exactly who we will turn to. ~Beth J., Parent

Sylvan helped to see where Jake needed the most help and gave me ways to help him study better, learn better and build his confidence. ~Paula J., Parent

My child was changed by your program. I'm not sure how you do it, but hats off to you and your staff. You definitely made a difference in our lives. Thank you for all you have done for Cole. ~Rhonda E., Parent

Thanks again, so much. Noah's grades have been all A's and B's, and for the first time this 2nd 9 weeks, he had an A in MATH. He also passed his ISTEP this year. His attitude and self-esteem is remarkable this year. I haven't heard him say, "I hate school" this year. Thanks to all of you at Sylvan.
~Tammy B, Parent

My daughter excels in every subject, except math. Because of her perceived intelligence, it was difficult at school for her to get help. Sylvan gave my daughter the attention she needed. She went from C's to A's by the end of the school year. Sylvan took away her stress and frustration.~Nichole R., Parent

We really appreciated all your help with Connor this year. Your expert advice and input regarding Connor was extremely helpful and we hope he continues to improve during the 2nd semester. ~Angie R., Parent

Sylvan was a wonderful experience for Annie. The teachers were very professional and supportive, and excellent at helping her build skills and confidence in reading. Thanks! ~Krista S., Parent

Congratulations! You and your staff can add another success story to your files. While a student's report card and standardized testing scores are a reflection of their desire and dedication, it also is a sign that someone invested in their future. Thankfully you were committed to our son, Alex, and he has the proof to support these accolades to you and your staff.
When I look at the path for success that you put Alex and our family on just two years ago, I realize what experience and wisdom your business plan is based on. The testing at your center identified many areas of concern for Alex that his schools' standardized testing overlooked. Truly a family cannot support their child without first knowing where the help is needed. Additionally, students can get so easily convinced that they will not succeed that it makes your job, as teachers, so much more difficult. There are many educational and family decisions that we made to support Alex in overcoming his reading deficiencies, investing in Sylvan was one of the soundest and most rewarding decisions we made. You clearly know the business of identifying problem areas, structuring a plan to overcome those deficiencies, and encouraging the spirit of the student needing guidance. This type of return on your investment is rare in business today. ~ Karen P., Parent"