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Success Stories

What Our Parents Say About Sylvan

"Sylvan helped my daughter change her attitude toward school and the "I don't understand" issues we were dealing with. Thanks for helping us find the problem! Tad F., Parent

My child was struggling with reading comprehension. Sylvan quickly started improving on this deficit and my daughter improved dramatically. She even surpassed her current grade level skills. She is now much more confident in her own ability to do homework and in-school work. She used to dread reading anything and it is now her favorite subject. Sylvan helped me to better understand my child's frustrations and gave me the skills to work more efficiently with her. I would recommend Sylvan because they really know the techniques needed to help a child without making them feel "stupid". Sarah B. Parent

I would be glad to recommend Sylvan to any family who is struggling like we were. Sylvan helped all of us maintain a positive attitude as we worked to get Luke through his Pre-Calc. class. He regained confidence in himself and his ability to study. We are sure Luke would not have passed if not for Sylvan. Your helping and caring staff gave us a shoulder to lean on when I was frustrated with his teacher. ~Brenda K., Parent

I don't know what I would have done without Sylvan. It really changed my child's confidence and ability to read better. It was an awesome program specifically fit to help my child with things he struggled with. My son really liked school again. Wow! You're amazing! ~Janet B., Parent

Jane Colby, and her entire staff were the greatest support I have had in all of the years of Loren's education. I will never forget what Sylvan has done for my son. Thank you! ~Mary T., Parent

A big "Thank You" to the staff at Sylvan! Our daughter made great improvements! Her grades, as well as her study habits, showed progress. ~Debbie H., Parent

My son was struggling with math and we were constantly stressing about his grade. Sylvan helped him understand and he achieved a B! Thank you so much! ~Dawn C., Parent

Thank you for helping my daughter read without getting so frustrated that she couldn't. She loved the tokens and shopping at the store. The staff was so nice! ~Jillian H., Parent

My son was having a hard time in a couple of subjects last year. His school suggested that he got some tutoring over the summer and recommended Sylvan Learning Center. I had heard of Sylvan but didn't really know what to expect. We signed him up for just a few hours a week during the summer and I was very pleased with the results. His grades are much better this year and he feels so much better knowing and understanding how to do his work. Our experience with Sylvan was great and the people are wonderful to work with. I would recommend Sylvan to anyone. ~ Chris K., Parent"

What Our Students Say About Sylvan

"Ever since I came to Sylvan, my school grades have gotten a lot better. Last year, in 7th grade, my grade point average was usually like 2.1. This year so far, I am averaging a 3.4. I know why Sylvan has helped me so much. It helps me because the teachers teach me lessons that we have not even done yet. When it comes time to do the lessons at school, I already know how to do it. I always thought Sylvan would be a waste of time, but now I think it is a fun way to learn. In conclusion, I am happy that I came to Sylvan. I tried to talk my parents out of it, but I am glad they did not listen. If I had never come here I would still be getting C's and D's instead of A's and B's. I would encourage all students with unlikeable grades to come here. I can almost guarantee that you will see a change in your grades. -Gerald McGee, 8th grade

Sylvan gave me all the help I needed in learning how to solve problems. I learned alternative ways to do math and understand the problems. The teachers give you more attention on what you need help with the most. ~Katie S., High School Student

Algebra. A subject that even my grandma can remember being tough. For the most, it enlightens their broad spectrum of knowledge. For others, like me, it is just plain confusing. Algebra was difficult to understand. I tried to cal the Ask Rose Homework Hotline, but they could only help so much. My grandma set me up with Sylvan, and I was cross at first because it took up my after school time. I soon learned it was worth it! This year I have made the honor roll and my grades are A's and one B. I am in my school's Academic Bowl Competition. If I ever need help with my school work again, Sylvan is where I will be going! Timmy M., Middle School Student

My experience at Sylvan was a good learning point for me. I have learned a lot and I am doing better in school. I would like to thank everyone who works there. ~ Taylour K., Elementary Student"

What Teachers Say About Sylvan

"We will be forever grateful to you and your staff for your help in Mark's academic success. I remember stopping in to share with you his passing of the ISTEP test his first try, but I don't think I told you that when he graduated, he earned the Academic Honors Diploma by .001!! We were so very proud!~ Rose R., Parent and Teacher"

SAT/ACT Testimonials

"You will be HAPPY to know that Brooke passed her test with a 20 and she only needed a 19!!!! Wooohooo! She is soooo happy and says she can't believe how your tips helped her! Sylvan GETS the credit. ~Shelia R., Parent

Anna has made a verbal commitment to Eastern Michigan. I truly believe all things happen for a reason and it seems the reason she increased her score to a 25 on the ACT was to gain her acceptance to the Honors College at Eastern. Thanks again for all your help and encouragement for Anna. We are very excited that she has been awarded a full scholarship including books and an apartment her sophomore year. They tell us that only 1% of all high school athletes are offered a Division 1 scholarship. ~ Lisa A., Parent

Sara's math score on the SAT went up over 100 points since the last time she took the test. I attribute the increase to Sylvan. As a result of the improved score, the academic portion of the scholarship increased from 9 to 11 thousand per year. Sylvan more than paid for itself. ~ Lesa, Parent"