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Elementary School Tutoring Programs


    Beginning Reading

    At Sylvan, we can help your young reader build important reading readiness skills. Our caring and patient teachers take a fresh, fun approach to learning with lessons that are tailored to your child’s unique learning needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help your child with letter recognition and writing, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and more!

    Beginning reading is available to students in pre-K through second grade.

    Elementary Reading

    It’s important for your child to develop a love of reading at an early age. After all, reading is a skill required for success in every subject area. Working together with you, our experienced reading tutors can pinpoint the support your child needs to build a strong foundation. We’ll tailor a personalized learning plan and instructional approach that will allow your child to make real progress in the following areas

    • Phonemic awareness
    • Phonics
    • Syllabication
    • Fluency
    • Word analysis
    • Vocabulary
    • Reading comprehension
    • And more!
    Elementary school reading help is available to students in second through fifth grade.


    Elementary Writing

    Sylvan's writing programs work because your child will practice and master the same kind of writing that’s being taught in the classroom. With the help of our elementary school writing tutors, your fourth or fifth grader can build skills and confidence in the following areas:

    • Master the five step writing process from pre-writing through publishing
    • Use proper techniques for paragraph and essay development
    • Increase vocabulary and improve spelling
    • Improve grammar and usage skills, including parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, proper punctuation capitalization rules and more

Study Skills

    Elementary Study Skills

    Our study skills program can help your child approach homework and studying with less stress and more confidence. We’re here to help your fourth or fifth grader develop the following skills:

    • Organization and time management, including how to organize binders, utilize study time and set goals
    • Note-taking, including listening skills, managing information and basic note-taking
    • Reading and studying, including how to use notes and textbooks to study properly
    • Test-taking strategies, including how to approach different types of test questions and prevent test-related stress and anxiety

Homework Help

    Elementary Homework Help

    If your fourth or fifth grader needs help with homework, turn to Sylvan. With help from our tutors, your child will gain a thorough understanding of the assigned material - and you can relax knowing the work is complete, correct and ready to turn in on time. With the flexible scheduling options available at our center, help with homework is available when your child needs it, including evenings and weekends. Find out how we can help with homework in most subject areas today!