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Monday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Ace It! Tutoring

Is Your School Eligible for Supplemental Educational Services?

If so...

Choose Ace It! Tutoring!
Don't Let Your Child Get Left Behind!

Ace It! Tutoring is the most effective and convenient choice when you want to see your child get back on track in reading or math.

Our program offers:

  • Skills assessment to determine your child's learning needs
  • Small class size with plenty of individual attention
  • Motivational awards program
  • High level of parent/teacher communication
  • Convenient, after school schedules
  • Offered at a school or community location (contact us for details)
CALL 651.328.6699 or EMAIL for more details and to see if your school is eligible.

We encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity to improve your child's math or reading skills. Your local school district has put together a list of tutoring service providers that meet their standards. As a parent or legal guardian, you can choose any provider on that list if your child is eligible.

We hope that you'll choose Ace It! Tutoring to give your child that skills and tools they need to ensure academic success!

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