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Success Stories

ACT Success!

"My daughter came to Sylvan to improve her ACT score so that she could get into her first choice college. By the completion of her program, she not only improved her score by 5 points, but she also gained self-confidence and built self-esteem. Thank you so much!"

- Peggy M.

It's not's Sylvan

"They always care and try to find a time to help my kids. My one son was flunking Algebra. He came and studied with Brian on Sundays and went from an F on a test to a 96 on the next one. The teacher accused him of cheating and made him take another test. He got a 94 on it. The teacher called me and I told him he studied with Brian at Sylvan."

- Patty F.

I never thought it could happen for my student...

"My son has struggled with reading since he was in first grade. As parents, we had tried everything we could think of. Then, we were referred to Sylvan by a friend. After the Sylvan Skills Check confirmed the skills that Dan needed, we signed him up for the Beginning Reading program. Since then, we have seen so many positive changes in him. He even wants to sit down and read a book aloud to me now! Thank you so much to the staff at Sylvan! You all are amazing!"

- Carol R.

Customer Service

"I had tried calling a few other tutoring services and hadn't had any luck. Then, I called Sylvan. The Director at Sylvan actually listened to what I had to say and made me feel like my son's needs were important to them. We had a conversation about what Josh's needs were as well as what they could do to help him succeed in the classroom. The entire staff at Sylvan is so warm and caring. Josh always looks forward to going and leaves with a smile on his face! Thanks!"

- Pam S.

Overcoming great obstacles

"Nathan has had to overcome many hurdles in his young life. He had six open heart surgeries that caused him to miss a full year of school. Nathan attended Sylvan to get back on track and he showed improvements in his reading ability with each week that he attended. Sylvan was able to give Nathan the confidence he needed to go back to school. Nathan is able to be with his peers and he feels able to handle his daily school assignments."

- Karen W.