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Tuesday: 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM
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Success Stories

From a Successful 3rd Grade Student...

"Dear Sylvan, I had a great time learning different things. I think in my opinion that the token set up is very very cool. Everything we do is based on learning. Thank you Mrs. Janet, Mr. Rod, Mrs. Kendra, Mrs. Beth, Mrs. Joan, Mrs. Ann and Mrs Matti (our student aide!) My grades are really starting to improve. I might be able to stop by a couple of times this year. Thank you for all you did for me. I will remember you guys in my heart. Sincerely yours, Caleb"

Every Day!

"My high schooler said it's been great and she would come here every day if she could."

- Patrick O., Highlands Ranch

My Kid Actually Enjoys Being There!

"Staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. Plan for progress is clearly laid out and my kid actually enjoys being there."

- Kerry R., Highlands Ranch

It Works!

"Most important - it works. My son improved dramatically in all areas going from the 30th percentile to the 80th percentile in reading/comprehension/vocabulary.

Very flexible in regards to schedule"

- Jerry H., Highlands Ranch

Individual Learning Process

"I like the one on one help my son receives. The Sylvan staff also listens to what the kids and parents have to say to help with the individual learning process."

- Pam F., Highlands Ranch

Positive About Learning

"I believe my child has become so positive about learning in a short period of time."

- Pam L., Highlands Ranch

From a D to an A

"It's awesome. My son went from a D to an A in a few weeks. Straight A's on tests since he started. We love the personal attention he is getting."

- Kim M., Highlands Ranch

From a high school student...

"I thought I would hate it. I remember seeing the commercials years and years ago. I never liked tutors, but you're different. You look like professionals. People I can trust. I look forward to coming back here again."

- Derek, Highlands Ranch

"Very Grateful Parents"

"I wanted to let you know just how thrilled we have been with your program and how impressed we have been at how quickly Ashley has advanced with the reading skills she needs to do well in 2nd grade. Your staff has been nothing less than highly professional with us and a great motivating force for Ashley and I would be proud to recommend your program to anyone I know."

- Molly U., Highlands Ranch

She Has Gained So Much Confidence!

"I am extremely pleased with my child's progress at Sylvan. She has gained so much confidence and truly enjoys attending the sessions. I especially appreciate the time Janet has spent with me. She has been wonderful to work with. It is evident she cares and loves what she does for all the kids and families. My daughter adores her!"

- Laura H., Highlands Ranch

Beaming From Ear to Ear

"We’d like to thank Sylvan Learning Center in Highlands Ranch for the great improvements we’ve seen in our third grade son’s math skills. When he came to Sylvan, his skills and confidence in math were lagging behind his reading and comprehension skills. Math caused him frustration and he had decided he just wasn’t “good at it”.

The teachers at Sylvan patiently worked with him and focused on the building blocks of math including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to build his knowledge base and his confidence. It was exciting for us to see our son so enthusiastic about math. With your help and our son’s desire to succeed, as a third grader, he’s completed the 4th grade Douglas County expectations for his multiplication tables and just this week, made an A+ on a math test. He was beaming from ear to ear.

The investment we made at Sylvan helped our son excel in math. His frustration has changed to confidence and it’s wonderful to see him thriving.

Thank you very much."

- Caroline and David H.

A Blessing to Us

"Janet Worley and Ann Smith have both done an outstanding job helping my husband and me as well as our son through a very tough time in regard to his math class at school. They have worked with the school in reaching a good plan to help him be as successful as he can be given there are only two months left of the school year. They are always available to either talk with me on the phone, in person, or by email. They have been a blessing to us in dealing with a difficult administration at my son's school."

- Kim O., Littleton

Concrete Plan of Action

"I feel a lot of confidence in what Sylvan can do to help (my son). The Blueprint meeting was very encouraging with a concrete plan of action. I can also appreciate that the Sylvan employees have an understanding of my child and know to both encourage and make him accountable for his part in learning there."

- Alicia T., Highlands Ranch

His Confidence Has Grown Tremendously

"Our son enjoys his teachers. I believe he can relate to them and vice versa. He enjoys going and his confidence has grown tremendously in the few months he has been attending. Janet is awesome. We appreciate her honesty and expertise and the manner she has worked with our son."

- Cheryl R., Highlands Ranch

I Can't Thank Sylvan Enough!

"Janet is wonderful! She has been available to listen to concerns I have with my daughters school, and offer great advice! I can't thank Sylvan enough! (my daughter) has had a great first trimester due to Sylvan"

- Kate U., Highlands Ranch

A Great Staff!

"A great staff who seems to listen and meet individual needs. Instilling a higher confidence level mixed with a positive desire for meeting the next objective."

- Tammy M., Highlands Ranch

Telling My Friends

"This has been a positive experience for my girls. We have actually referred a family friend of ours and she is now attending Sylvan too."

- L. Ball, Castle Rock

A Satisfied Customer!

"The staff has been friendly. Ann has worked with us to make it affordable. My kids are doing better in school and feels more confident. My son has got an "A" in reading all year long for the first time."

- L. Williams, Highlands Ranch

Video Testimonial



With All My Heart - Thank You!

"You truly have made a difference in my sons' lives! L.J. has gone from feeling "not smart" to confident he can learn anything! Nolan feels he is going into school ahead of the game! We will surely be back taking advantage of all your wonderful programs here! With all my heart - Thank You!"

- Renee M., Highlands Ranch

Homework Support

"My daughter has been participating in the homework support at Sylvan. Her tutor is wonderful. She has felt very comfortable with him from the beginning. Ann is a great center director. She definitely loves the kids and takes a special interest in each one. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well."

- Emily K., Centennial

Academic Reading

"My son is 20 years old and has felt very welcomed and comfortable at your center. Best of all, he is making great strides in his reading and is feeling a sense of accomplishment and a bump in self esteem. Thank you."

- Jude S., Larkspur

Elementary Study Skills

"My daughter seems to really enjoy and most importantly, seems very excited to learn at Sylvan. She has even made some new friends. I wish that Sylvan would start a school. I would definitely consider enrolling my daughter there."

- Susan C., Highlands Ranch