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Success Stories

No more math fears!

"Thank you for all you did for my grand-daughter, she has shown so much improvement in her math skills!"

- Samantha's Grandmother

ACT Improvement

"Good Morning Tamara,

I am pleased to inform you that Margo did great on her ACT scores.

Due to the 2 week classes she attended with Sylvan, her Math ACT score improved from 19 to 23 - We are very happy about that, it was a great return on our investment.

She has applied for the BAMD program at UNM and she fully qualifies for it.

Attached are her final ACT scores and thanks again for such a great training program."

- Suleman

Help for mom and son

"I love Sylvan. It has helped my son as well as me.
Thank you"

- Karina

Math Confidence

"Tamara and her staff ensures that our daughter receives the needed attention to help her reach her full potential in the subject she is having difficulty with. The learning groups are small enough to where she is getting one-on-one personal attention. Our daughter feels more confident in working on her math homework."

- John

Great staff, great program

"I really like the office staff (they're kind and go the extra mile) and the curriculum is well-developed."

- Melinda

Writing Without Pain

""My son has learned to enjoy reading and is making progress writing without pain.""

- Melissa

Very Happy

""We are very happy with the progress being made.""

- Marissa

Student chooses to add hours

"Justin had only great things to say and wants to actually put in more hours with his tutor! He said she made math make sense."

- Gretchen

Thanks Sylvan

"He has an easier time with his math homework and isn't afraid of writing assignments anymore. Thanks Sylvan."

- Marissa

Professional Staff

"Very professional, compentant workers, home attitude yet school atmosphere."

- Doris

Small Ratio

"We liked the small group setting and my son loved the teachers and had fun, he did learn a lot!"

- Debbie

Friendly and Patient Staff

"The staff is very friendly, the hours are good they accomadate the kids to whatever time they need. The staff also has a lot of patience."

- Reycita

Results don't lie!

"The commitment, patience and results are extraordinary!I am a firm believer in Sylvan. Again, results don't lie!"

- Teri Coffman

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