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High School Tutoring Programs


    Advanced Math

    Our Advanced Math program is aligned to Salem-Keizer's curriculum, as a well as Oregon's testing requirements and your child's school syllabus. Flexible, personalized lesson plans incorporate both skill building and homework support. Tutoring is available for:

    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 2
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Precalculus


    High School Reading

    It is critical to not underestimate the importance of reading in high school--particularly as complex assignments and long-term projects require more attention to and strength in the area! Let Sylvan's reading experts develop a personalized plan to help your teenager become a more proficient and confident reader in the following areas:

    • Fluency
    • Word analysis
    • Vocabulary
    • Reading comprehension
    • And more!


    Sylvan Academic Writing

    Let our writing tutors pinpoint the help your child needs to succeed in middle or junior high school and prepare for high school. You'll see real progress because the skills we teach at Sylvan are the same ones your child is learning at school. Our personalized approach can improve your child's writing skills and confidence in the following areas:

    • Organize the writing process from pre-writing through publishing
    • Apply proper composition techniques, including the development of topic sentences and supporting paragraphs, and organization of supporting details
    • Understand how to approach the different writing forms, including descriptive, narrative, expository and persuasive
    • Identify and outline the main idea of a work of literature or nonfiction, identify supporting ideas
    • And more!

Study Skills

    High School Study Skills

    Does your teenager need help with study and organizational skills? With Sylvan’s study skills program, we’ll help your teenager learn how to manage time and daily coursework with ease. From discovering the right way to take notes and study to learning how to complete research for papers and assignments, our study skills program will help your teenager become a better student in high school – and beyond. We’re here to help with the following skills:

    • Organization and time management
    • Note-taking
    • Reading and studying
    • Test-taking strategies

Homework Help

    High School Homework Help

    There are many reasons why your family might need extra help with homework – especially in high school. At Sylvan, we’ll work with you to create a homework plan that meets your teenager’s needs and your busy schedule. Learn more about our programs today and find out how we can:

    • Help your teen learn any missed skills and lessons
    • Provide extra instruction with class material and concepts
    • Improve organizational skills and study habits
    • Provide a dedicated place and time where a teacher can help with assignments

College Prep

    SAT* Test Prep

    Sylvan's SAT preparation course provides personalized instruction in a small group setting. From timed practice tests to proven test-taking strategies and techniques, our test prep experts will ensure your teenager is prepared on test day. Take steps to increase your teenager’s score today! Register for an upcoming SAT prep class.

    *SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product.

Other Subjects

    Courses for Credit

    Courses for credit can serve as a substitute for summer school or a means to make up a class because of illness or transfer during the school year. Sylvan is accredited by the same organization that accredits your local school. Credits earned at Sylvan may be accepted at schools, colleges and universities around the world. Contact us today to learn about the types of courses we offer for credit.