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Success Stories

We tried other Math tutoring and finally tried Sylvan. It worked!

"My son had a very difficult time with 6th grade Math. He was working with a school tutor an hour per week and at home with my husband. In spite of these efforts, he continued to be frustrated and anxious and ended up failing. We did not want him starting 7th grade already behind, and it was obvious he needed some intense remediation. We enrolled him in the Sylvan program for the summer. It was a great experience for all of us. The Sylvan staff outlined a plan and times that were very convenient. The Sylvan staff not only had the expertise to catch him up, but also gave him the confidence to surpass his grade level. He was never frustrated or dreaded going and it eliminated the stress of having to work with him at home. I would recommend Sylvan to any parent that has a child struggling and other interventions have not worked."

- Mother of 6th grade Math student

SAT Success - Thanks Sylvan!

"Ryan's Critical Reading score improved by 70 points after only a 10 hour refresher in Critical Reading.
- October 2009"

- -Mother of college bound 12th grader

Success of a 1st Grade student!


Our daughter was placed back in first grade and doing extremely well. She no longer qualifies for the Early Intervention Program. She is very happy with her transition and is confident in her ability.
 Her father and I have noticed improvement in her math skills. She enjoys her sessions at Sylvan, I think what she enjoys the most is that she is allowed to learn at her own pace.
Enrolling her at your center is the first educational investment we have made that has paid off. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for all of the people that were instrumental in our daughter’s success.  

- Parent of a 1st grade student

My Daughter Improved her Reading by Two Grade Levels!

"Our daughter started at Sylvan in first grade after she received a test score that indicated she was reading below grade level. She received one-on-one tutoring from Sylvan and by the end of the year she tested at the 3rd grade, 6 month grade level, which was among the top five in her class. Importantly, Sylvan improved her confidence, as well as her skills. We will continue to use Sylvan to support our daughter. We could not be happier with the results."

- Father of 1st grade, Warren T. Jackson Elementary School student

Tangible Improvement in Reading!

"Isabel’s STAR reading level has improved from 0.4 to 1.5.

- 1st Grade Teacher, Warren T. Jackson Elementary School

Increased Confidence in the Classroom!

"7th grade Student -
H’Ariel has begun to participate more in class and seems to be more confident in class since her time at Sylvan."

- 7th grade teacher, Smitha Middle School

Sylvan Partners with Students' Daily Teachers

"3rd Grade Student -
I also appreciate everything you are doing for Allison! I have seen a huge improvement in Allison throughout the school year! I'm very proud of her! I think Allison needs to continue to work on reading comprehension/inference/sequencing and common spelling patterns. Allison knows her math facts, but still needs reinforcement for double digit multiplication and division with remainders. Thank you again for your support!"

- Ms. Wilson, 3rd grade teacher

Test-Taking Success

"I tried two times on my own, but I finally passed the test all because of Sylvan! I couldn’t have done it without you. You guys helped me to make it happen and now I’m starting college. I’m on my way!"

- 23 year old Student who took GA H.S. Social Studies Test