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Sylvan's tutors teach skills that last a lifetime. We help students learn how to become self-motivated and achieve independence; above all else, we enable them to approach school — and life — with confidence.

We also maintain Sylvan tutoring special offers and seasonal promotions that make getting your child on the road to success easier.

Princeton Review's Ultimate SAT Prep at Sylvan

To provide Sylvan students with premium SAT preparation from America's leader in college test prep, Sylvan Learning is teaming up with The Princeton Review to offer Princeton Review SAT test preparation courses and diagnostic tests this summer at Sylvan National Learning Centers in Timonium, MD.

The Princeton Review will offer SAT-bound Sylvan students its most popular 30-hour Ultimate course, available in a classroom or a small group format (4 students or fewer). Both course formats come with a 150-point score-improvement money back guarantee, and include a kit of study materials and access to an online student portal. The online student portal includes access to The Princeton Review’s SAT and ACT self-paced online courses.

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Finish your homework faster and easier! With, you’ll see short videos, corresponding to the exact pages and concepts in your textbook, that explain the math lessons you’re studying. presents math problems in a new way, shows you the work so you can see how to do it, and provides practice problems (with the answers!), so you can master the concepts in no time!

To get started, visit to sign up – a FREE trial is available! Select your textbook and page number and the video will explain exactly what you need to know.

Getting ready for the SAT or ACT? can help you study for the math portions of these tests as well.

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Book Adventure

One of the busiest sites on the web for kids is Sylvan's Book Adventure. This is such a great place to find age and grade-level appropriate books for your child. This is a totally free site and will help you choose books, of all subjects, that will be of interest. There are comprehension quizzes, a prize locker, a parent and teacher zone and suggestions to encourage student reading. Go to and sign up. It's a perfect resource for the upcoming summer break. You can have your child try Book Adventure with several sample quizzes located on the website.

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FREE Math Activity Booklet

Packed with facts, trivia, problems, puzzles and more, our Math Activity Booklet can help make math fun for the entire family!

Skills covered in this guide include:

  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Time & Money
  • Algebra
  • Word Problems

  • Multiplication & Division
  • Estimation & Rounding
  • Geometry
  • And more for grades 3-12

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Resources for Parents

For approximately 30 years, Sylvan Learning Center has helped students in pre-K through high school to catch up, keep up and get ahead in school. Our learning tips help families achieve their goals and children reach their academic potentials.

Whether children need improvement on reading and math skills, help with homework or test preparation services, Sylvan Learning can provide families with fun, easy tips that ensure academic success.

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Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

Does your child need assistance catching up to his classmates or getting ahead of the learning curve? A good tutor will help students, at all levels of academic accomplishment, develop study habits and organizational skills which will result in significantly improved schoolwork and test scores. Taking the time to consider whether or not to hire a tutor means parents are giving their children an opportunity to excel in the classroom.

"The purpose of tutoring is to teach children efficient learning skills and techniques," said Dr. Richard Bavaria, Ph.D. and vice president of education for Sylvan Learning Center. "It's important that parents take action early and seek a tutoring service that develops these skills for success."

The following are signs that indicate if your child needs a tutor:

-Slowly failing grades in school
-The child develops low self-esteem and thinks negatively of himself or herself because of his or her school performance
-Making excuses as to why he or she is not doing his or her work
-Misbehavior in school
-The child is becoming rebellious toward schoolwork and loses interest in learning
-The child is preparing for college testing

Towson today to give your student the extra help we all wish we had.

Success Begins With the Homework Environment

Sensible Tips for Helping Children With Their Homework

Parents want their children to get good grades in school. Unfortunately, not every parent knows how best to help their children meet academic challenges, including completion of homework assignments. So, how do parents maximize their child's chances for success in school? Start by creating a home environment that is conducive to homework and learning.

"Sometimes, parents think helping their child complete their homework, or even doing their child's homework for him, will help him achieve better grades in school," states Richard Bavaria, Ph.D., vice president of education for Sylvan Learning Center. Often, it's just the opposite, creating a situation where children have not learned the concepts they are later tested on in the classroom."

"A simple way to help your child with homework is by creating an atmosphere that works with your child to efficiently tackle school tasks. Really get to know your child's homework style and develop a plan for school success," states Dr. Bavaria.

Sylvan offers parents the following tips and advice to develop a homework plan for back-to-school success:

1. Set Goals.

Help your child set attainable goals for each class and help her identify what will need to be done to reach each goal. For example, to get an A in American History, she will need to turn in all her homework, participate in class, etc.

2. Know Your Child.

There are visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and haptic (doing) learners. If you help your child work within his style, he will work more effectively.

3. Create a Homework Zone.

Set up an area in your home for studying, complete with a dictionary, paper and pens. Make sure the area is free from potential distractions and that study tools are at your child's fingertips to keep him focused on homework.

4. Develop Class Files.

Develop a color-coded file for each of your child's classes. Make separate tabs for homework assignments, exams and projects, so your child can refer back to class materials when studying for comprehensive tests.

5. Set Weekly Milestones.

For big projects or exams, get a large calendar for your child's desk area and help him set short timelines to ensure projects and studying aren't left until the night before. Celebrate with your child when each milestone is met.

"By working with your child to develop a plan to efficiently complete homework tasks, you will find higher grades, fewer homework headaches and a more confident child as a result," states Dr. Bavaria.

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