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About Your Local Center

The Sylvan Learning Center of Braintree, Massachusetts has been dedicated to following the Sylvan philosophy of helping students catch up, keep up, or get ahead. Our local Braintree Center utilizes tested and proven methods to teach students reading, writing, mathematics, and study skills in a way that makes students recognize their true potential both inside and outside of the classroom. One thing that all Sylvan Learning Centers strive for is the opportunity to instill confidence in our students and help them develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. At Braintree Sylvan Learning, we believe that all students, from all levels of academic performance, can benefit greatly from extra help. We offer students in Braintree the opportunity to take charge of their academic experience and reach their full potential.

Tested and Proven Methods

Sylvan Learning of Braintree takes pride in our wide variety of tutoring programs, all specially designed so that any student can improve overall. The Sylvan tutoring process starts with our Sylvan Skills Assessment. The Sylvan Skills Assessment is a test designed to identify strengths and areas for improvement. From there, our Braintree Sylvan staff designs a highly personalized program that best fits your student’s needs. The core of our success at Braintree Sylvan is our group of trained and certified instructors, who teach every lesson in the way your child learns best. Our instructors ensure that your student receives individualized attention to do better in school and better in life.

More than Tutoring

Here at the Braintree Sylvan Learning Center, we see ourselves not only as tutors, but as a centerpiece to the Braintree community. We enjoy being active in the Braintree community and the greater Boston area. Braintree Sylvan is committed to being a strong partner in our community and we are confident that our tutoring services make us valuable neighbors in the Braintree area where we live and work.

Center Events

We offer fun, informative seminars and events for students and parents in Braintree and the surrounding areas. Find out what’s coming up at our center!

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Meet Our Tutors

Our instructors are:

  • Sylvan trained and certified
  • Caring, patient and dedicated to your child’s success
  • Skilled in motivating and engaging students
  • And more!
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In the Community

At Sylvan of Braintree, we believe there is a lot we can accomplish if we work together with our friends and neighbors. Find out how we’re reaching out beyond our center walls to promote the importance of education in our community.

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