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Meet the Tutors

Let Sylvan Find a Tutor For Your Child

Sylvan offers a wide variety of programs and tutoring services in St. Louis; including math tutors, reading tutors, writing tutors and even ACT/SAT prep

Judy Cornell

Director of Parent and School Partnerships

Judy graduated from Davis & Elkins College with a BS in Management and Marketing. For the past 8 years she has worked in the Education Management field directing After School Tutoring programs for at risk children in the St. Louis/Illinois area. Since 2009 Judy has been managed Sylvan After School Tutoring Program in the greater St. Louis area, serving more than 2000 at risk children. When Judy is not at Sylvan she enjoys time with her husband, 2 children and 2 Golden Retrievers (furry children)!

Ann Miller

Director of Education

Ann graduated from Grinnel College in Iowa with a BA in Art and Psychology. She did her graduate work in Education and Special Education at th University of Missouri at St Louis. In her early years of teaching, Ann helped develop techniques used to teach children with learning disabilities. After a break from teaching, when Ann travelled and worked throughout the United Stated, Mexico and Canada, Ann returned to St Louis, and has been with Sylvan for six years.

Dawn Stieferman


Dawn graduated from University of Missouri Columbia with a BS in Education. She has been with the Creve Coeur Sylvan for 12 years. Dawn is one of our Beginning Reading, Academic Reading and Advanced Reading specialists.

Jim Rubenstein


Jim specializes in Elementary and Middle School Reading and Math.

Michael Rangel


Michael specializes in Middle and High School Math and English, ACT Prep, and Advanced Reading, and Writing.

Samantha Coates


Samantha specials in High School and Advances Math.