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Success Stories

Nicole's ACT Score

"Dear Brian,

I am writing to thank you, from the bottom of a VERY grateful heart, for supporting Nicole with Sylvan Prep.

Nicole took her ACT last spring at school as part of the Prairie State exam and earned a 24. Certainly an acceptable score, but we knew that with some preparation, she could do better.

I suggested to Nicole that she take the ACT prep class at Sylvan, but it conflicted with her work schedule and she really prefers learning on her own terms in an environment that she controls. Sylvan Prep was the PERFECT tool for her. She spent about an hour a day for not more than a couple of weeks prior to the December test date and said the program was easy to use and very helpful.

We just got her test scores back -- 27! She has already gotten some merit-based scholarships, but we believe that this increase will mean an additional $8K-$10K in scholarship monies for her over 4 years.

We did the math and Sylvan Prep saved her the equivalent 156 full workdays -- or 32 full-time work weeks -- at her job at Panera!

Thanks, again! Having worked with you, I had no doubt that the tool would work, but it was a great feeling to see it work for my own kid!


- Virginia Muzquiz

Self-Esteem Booster

"The summer before my son started first grade, we made a goal together that he would learn how to read. We read often and reviewed letters, but he was struggling. Two weeks before school started, he was so frustrated that every time I reached for his books, he would start getting nervous and sometimes even end up crying if I made him try to read. I could hardly even get him to look at the words.

That's when I called Sylvan. They got us in quickly for an evaluation and I was really impressed with how accurate the evaluation was. They had seen not only his deficiencies in phonics and reading, but also his strengths in language and vocabulary. They mapped out a course of action and also asked me what goals I wanted him to achieve.

My son attended classes at Sylvan for about 4 months and much to my surprise, he actually enjoyed it! He loved all his teachers (especially Ann), and the reward system! Sylvan was very flexible with the scheduling, another great plus. In the end, Sylvan did what I couldn't do; taught him to overcome his fear & frustration with not just reading, but learning. He now has the confidence to try reading books he's never seen and to sound out words he doesn't know! This is a huge improvement over last summer!

Thank you, Sylvan!


The Best Student She Can Be

"My daughter has been going to Sylvan since August, 2005 and it has had a positive impact on her in so many ways. After years of struggling with reading, her reading and comprehension skills improved immediately and in a very short period of time she was performing at grade-level. Because of this, her attitude about school improved immensely, as well as her self-esteem. We noticed her going to school feeling confident, prepared, and relaxed instead of frustrated and full of anxiety. The homework assistance has also been an excellent experience. Her math grade has gone from a C- average to a B+. Her teachers have commented she is always up-to-date on her assignments and prepared for class. These were all areas on concern during her last two years of school. Sylvan has successfully helped us address each of them and given our daughter the skills and tools she needs to be the best student she can be.


A Sylvan Family

"Dear Judy,

I would like to tell you what Sylvan has done for my two children. My daughter is 12 and my son is 9, they are very good students, but each had areas where they were struggling. My daughter's problem area was math. We were always fighting over her homework. It was a big fight every night she had math homework. Since she started Sylvan not only is homework not a problem, my daughter has surpassed her class and is working on a higher level then her classmates. My son's problem area was reading. He was frustrated because he read slowly and had trouble comprehending what he was reading. Now he reads for fun as well as for school. He has had a much easier time doing all the book reports required of him. He also has made straight A's so far this year and raised his Iowa Basic Skills score a full 10 points. We are so pleased with Sylvan, we have started our 6 year old, in the reading program. Thank you so much for helping my children to be successful.



ACT Success

"Dear Sylvan,

My son recently received a 29 on his ACT test. We would like to thank you for all your great support. The direction he received from his tutor was immensely helpful. We tried two other tutors before coming to Sylvan at the beginning of last summer, and no one was able to help him till we met Michael. He scored very high on his math and science due to Michael's tutoring. YOu were so supportive of me and my son's needs, also. I am sure that my other son, who is a freshmen, will receive the same support and help and will do well on his ACT. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,"

- Judy B

I cannot thank you and Sylvan enough.

"Dear Judy,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and Sylvan for all the ACT prep you did for Adam. I had hoped that his score might improve from his original 19 to a nice 24 or if all the stars were aligned, perhaps a 25. Thanks to the excellent tutoring, Adam's results from the December test were a 28! He had originally tested at a 10th grade level in reading, and his reading scores on the ACT were a 31! I was completely taken back and will always recommend Sylvan to parents and children who wish to realize his or her full potential. Adam's scores will now enable him to get into more colleges and potentially receive academic scholarships. Please thank your staff for giving Adam the confidence and skills needed to get to the next level."

- Pamela D

Sylvan's great learning process.

"Sylvan has a great learning process. They helped me to get better grades in school. The people there were really nice and very helpful to me. I know they could help others too....Caitlin R. As a parent I was lucky to find not just a great place to help our daughters, but also a great staff. While my children improved in their areas of need my husband and I instantly felt like we were part of a new family. They had many suggestions and resources besides what they did at the center. They know each child as individuals and share in all of their achievements not just the goals they reach in house. I recommend Sylvan to everyone I know that is looking for that extra help for their child.?"

- Tina and Caitlin

Sylvan, the perfect solution!

"The perfect solution to our dilemma on how to boost our daughter's confidence level, decrease frustration, encourage independence and self motivation with school/ homework while juggling erratic parent work schedules. My daughter initially thought she was being punished but found that she liked the approach used by Lisa, Ann and crew to help her with her struggles with math, reading comprehension and writing. She especially like the academic games/contests! When it was time for her to take the ISEE test, the sessions were customized to help her prepare. My daughter now comes home, does her homework independently and in a timely fashion, all without having a huge meltdown and while improving her grade level testing scores. Thanks for being our solution!"

- Dr K

ACT Score

"Dear Sylvan of Creve Coeur,

I couldn't wait to tell you how pleased we are with the improvement in Ryan's ACT score after taking the October group class. As you know he had a 27 when we came to Sylvan, and he was not 100% convinced that "a class" would improve his score more than he could do on his own. Well he went to the 6 weeks of Sunday classes, didn't grumble too much after the first week, which was a big surprise to me, and when we received his results we were elated.....a 31!!! This has meant an additional $8000. per year at his top 2 college choices! I will recommend your ACT Prep Program to every high school parent I can. Thank you so much for all your help.


- Judy