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Sylvan's tutors teach skills that last a lifetime. We help students learn how to become self-motivated and achieve independence; above all else, we enable them to approach school — and life — with confidence.

We also maintain Sylvan tutoring special offers and seasonal promotions that make getting your child on the road to success easier.

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Sylvan is the place to be for ACT!

Help your student do their very best on the ACT with enrolling in Sylvan's ACT Prep Class. Below is the list of test dates and their corresponding classes. All prep classes are held at the Johnston center on Saturdays from 12:00-4:00pm. Please call the center to register.

ACT Test Date: February 8, 2014
Course Dates: December 28 - February 1

ACT Test Date: April 12, 2014
Course Dates: March 1 - April 5

ACT Test Date: June 14, 2014
Course Dates: May 3 - June 7

Enrolling Now for Summer Camps

Sylvan Summer Camps

Addition & Subtraction (gr. 1-3) June 9th -13th 12-2pm
A fun approach for your child to improve basic understanding of addition and subtraction skills, while increasing speed and accuracy. $199

Multiplication & Division (gr. 3-5) June 9th -13th 2-4pm
Students will understand the concepts behind multiplication and division and increase speed and accuracy of basic facts. $199

Reading Comprehension (gr. 2-4) August 4th-7th 1-4pm
Students will focus on basic reading comprehension and phonics to help them become more fluent readers. $199

Reading Comprehension (gr.4-6) July 7th -18th (M,W,F) 2-4pm
Students will focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary skills to help improve reading fluency. $199

Writing Camps June 16th-27th 12-2pm (gr.7-9) June 16th-27th 2-4pm (gr. 4-6)
Your child will have the opportunity to practice their writing skills in a meaningful, engaging way. Students will work to compose, edit and publish real-world materials such as websites, marketing flyers, and works in various literary genres. $349

Advanced Reading Skills (gr. 7-adult) June 23rd -25th or Aug 4th -6th , 4-8pm
A “speed reading” course to improve reading speed and comprehension. $199

Fit for Algebra July 7th -18th (M,W,F) 12-2pm (gr. 5-6) July 7th -18th (M,W,F) 2-4pm (gr. 6-7) July 21st -Aug 1st (M,W,F) 3-5pm (gr. 7-9)
Students will review and practice the skills that compromise the critical foundations for Algebra in an engaging way. $225

Kindergarten Readiness- Read Ahead July 7th-11th 1-3pm
Your child will work on advanced vowel sounds, blending sounds, alliteration skills and more. $199

Kindergarten Readiness- Math Booster July 14th-18th 1-3pm
During this week your child will work on patterns, addition, subtraction and even some fractions. $199

Study Skills (gr. 6-8) July 21st-Aug 1st, (M,W,F) 1-3pm
Students will learn about goal setting, organizing schoolwork and study areas, managing time, grade tracking and more. $225

*Camps fill up quickly so reserve your spot today.