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Success Stories


"The educational support from Sylvan was fantastic. I also liked the fact that Sylvan was willing to work with us regarding the length of time and directly the material that needed to be covered in a short amount of time. Sylvan absolutely delivered for my daughter. I expect great success in her upper level math courses this year."

Love the People!

"I love the people. The work my daughter is doing at Sylvan has helped her in her classroom performance. She gained confidence at school and here at home."

Quick improvement

"He showed improvement within weeks of attending Sylvan. Josh has continued to move forward in all areas of reading, from vocabulary, understanding, comprehension, and most importantly, his attitude is more positive and his confidence has grown. By February of 2007, Josh graduated to the Sylvan Academic Reading Program and is now reading at his grade level. The personal pride that Josh feels is so rewarding to witness as his parents. We are certain it is because of the Sylvan investment that he has reached these goals so swiftly and smoothly. He is much happier and we are too.
We thank you for your kind and helpful staff and commitment to helping children like Josh achieve success with self-confident independence."

- Rebecca, Josh's mom

Helping her prepare for college

"Thank you so much for carng for Shawna. She really enjoyed her time and built a great rapport with everyone at the site. She also built her level of confidence and is making great strides in her senior year and preparing for college next year."

- Bev Sells

Outstanding performer

"We would like to take the opportunity to share with you our heartfelt appreciation and thanks for the wonderful job you are all doing with Emily. In the last two months Emily has progressed beyond our expectations. It is truly amazing not only to watch her progress academically but also her attitude and personality has benefited. She has progressed from a second grade reading level to a fourth grade level in that short of time span. One example is several months ago at her own birthday party, Emily had difficulty reading the cards her friends had given her. That was then, now she has no problems reading that material."

- Emily's mom

Quick Improvement!

"Kate began Sylvan at the start of the school year and by October conferences she was already doing great! Her confidence in her abilities has grown as well. She now will sound out words and even if she starts to sound it out incorrectly, she quickly recognizes the word as one she knows and changes her pronunciation to the correct one. I am so thankful to the teachers at Sylvan"

- Carrie - Kate's mom

Hard Worker

"As Brandon's parents we are amazed at what Brandon has achieved! We couldn't be more proud of all the hard work Brandon as accomplished. Brandon's confidence shows through in all he does, (school, home, sports). And we thank Sylvan for your continued support!"

- Bryan & Julie - Brandon's parents