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Homework Help

Homework help

Ensure your child arrives at school with homework that's complete, correct and ready to turn in.

"Our son now is starting to not hate his homework, which is a BIG change from when we started. Now, we just sit down each night and get it done quickly instead of spending two hours fighting to do 30 minutes of homework!"
- Jennifer M., a Sylvan Parent

Does your child need extra motivation or focused attention to complete his or her homework independently? Come to Sylvan for a learning plan that's completely customized to your child's needs, and you'll have peace of mind knowing your child is getting more out of homework in less time.

Sylvan's grade 4-12 homework help programs will:

  • Deliver instruction in the format that best meets your child's homework needs, whether in a small group work session or with more intensive one-on-one homework instruction
  • Help your child catch up with missed skills and lessons—and get ahead on new ones
  • Assist with difficult assignments through personal instruction from a dedicated, trained teacher

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