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Success Stories

Math Victory!


Sylvan has helped my daughter, who was a D student in Math to an A-B student. We couldn't have done it without them.


- Erika O.

Passion for helping!


The passion for helping children, and the cheerful atmosphere.


- Stan K.

Online Program was great!

"It was very convenient and fit well with our busy schedule because we were able to do the courses online."

- Lynette C.

Sylvan was our Lifeline!


When our grandsons were behind in their grade level testing and having problems keeping up in school, Sylvan was our life-line to information and help for their needs. One grandson is almost up to his grade level and is very proud of his accomplishments. The other grandson needs additional hours to accomplish his goals, but is working hard to get there. Both boys attend without grumbling and make us proud with their achievements. We thank Sylvan for being there and working with us through these trying times. We are so glad we had them to go to. Their expertise with testing and knowledge of educational skills in both Reading and Math has been key to our grandsons' success.


- Becky H.

Happy Student!

"Sylvan has a warm inviting setting. My daughter doesn't feel as if she is going from school to a different school. The teachers are friendly and supportive. I have seen her confidence and independence grow in a short time which was my main goal. Her test anxiety has started to calm down and while her grades have never been a problem, the hours of homework a night is going down and she is smiling at the end."

- Kate W.

Easy to work with..

""First of son really likes to come to Sylvan. He likes all of the teachers. I like it because everyone is very nice and extremely flexible to help set up a schedule that works for us.""

- Cindy H.

Good Feeling!

""All of the instructors are very friendly and outgoing. They really encourage the kids and make them feel like they can accomplish the goals set for them and they reward them for their efforts. They have an "open door" policy with the parents anytime they have a question or concern.""

- Sarah T.


"The tutoring hours are very flexible and always on time. My son enjoys his time at Sylvan. The teachers are very  good and genuinely care about my child and his academic growth."

- Megan W

It's helped!

"Sylvan has helped my 1st grader dramatically with his reading skills. The process of testing, signing up, and communicating his progress has been very easy."

- Kayla C

Teacher Contact

"They have been in constant contact with my son's teacher to ensure the best possible outcome for him."

- Sara D

She couldn't wait

"My daughter couldn't wait to go to Sylvan because she really liked the teachers."

- Shail R


"I was very pleased with the professionalism and compassion the staff showed to my child. He made significant gains during his time there."

- Jill W

Surprised How Easy

"My son, Alex, is surprised how easy math is at school now. I keep telling him it is because he has gone to Sylvan."

- Sherry B.

Positive about Learning

"Claire was behind in several areas and Sylvan helped us to focus on her most important issues first. Most importantly, they kept Claire positive about learning so she kept her head in the process."

- Wendy S.

Using Sylvan as a Tool

"We are very satisfied with the progress our son has made in the last year. We are very glad we made the decision to enroll him in the program at Sylvan. We also plan to continue to use Sylvan as a tool in our children's education."

- Charles P.

Reading Help

"When Cloe started Sylvan she couldn't read very well. Now that she has been at Sylvan, she is doing so much better with reading. She has made more progress at Sylvan than she has at school."

- Lacey H.

He Understands

"My son has gained in self confidence and really enjoys his time at Sylvan. He may never love reading, but he is understanding what he reads now."

- Joan K

They know me and my child

"Everyone I speak to knows me and my child. They are always happy to answer any questions or help with any changes I have to make in the schedule."

- Rachel S.

Increasing Confidence and Grades

"I do appreciate everything Sylvan has done for her! Her confidence has sky-rocketed and she increased her math letter grade from a D+ to a B-. I'm thrilled! Thank you so much!!"

- Deb H.

Helpful Staff

"Chrissy was very helpful in rescheduling James' slot every time we had a conflict. The entire staff was very positive and friendly whenever we needed assistance."

- Linda

Grades Increase

"Benjamin is getting A/B in math now instead of a C and likes the program. Thanks!"

- Cindy

Grades Improved

"All my child's grades have improved. She enjoys the teachers at Sylvan especially the younger ones."

- Karen

Parent Workshops

"The parent workshops are great. They have helped me in a lot of ways. I can now understand forgotten math and help my kids more. I look forward to more workshops."

- Ms. Burnette

SAT Success!

"First of all, I wanted to thank you again for your help in preparing for the SAT. Though I am not taking the real test until May, my PSAT score went from a 206 last year to a 230 this year, so the class was obviously very beneficial to me. The best part is that I actually scored the highest on critical reading (a 79), an area that was definitely my weakest at the beginning of the summer."

- Monica, SAT Student