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Success Stories

"Sylvan Learning Center has been a great and positive experience for my grandchild. She has grown both self reliance and confidence in terms of school work."

- Honey G. Junction City, KS

"Emily has had a fabulous experience at Sylvan. She has become more confident and her reading skills have improved far more quickly than I might have imagined. She feels like she has been at Sylvan for 10 minutes instead of two hours because she had so much fun."

- Becky K. Manhattan, KS

"My son was not doing well in school and he never had. Even as a sophmore in high school, getting him to do his homework was a chore for me. I heard about Sylvan on a television commercial, but never dreamed that I could afford it. When I finally brought my son in for testing, I was shocked at how far behind he was. I was also shocked at how affordable Sylvan was. My son started Sylvan that next week. In six months, I was enjoying a huge change in his attitude towards both school and homework. The director attended my son's IEP meeting with me and made me feel comfortable talking with his teachers. I can now see a future for my son that does not include working at a fast food drive through window. Thanks, Sylvan, for giving Jamaal hope for his future."

- Dawn M. Junction City, KS.

"Sylvan is making such a huge difference in my son's life. I am so grateful and thankful for Sylvan!"

- Jessica G. Manhattan, KS

Dear Jenny and Gavin

"Although the results we were seeking did not come overnight, or easily, we are excited to inform you that our son is now passing his Algebra 2 class. This is the first time he has been unafraid of Mathematics in over two years. We still have the remainder of the school year to get through and we realize how tough senior year can be. You and your teachers are to be thanked for always providing a positive environment for learning. We will highly recommend your services to parents, friends, or anyone who has an interest in improving their child's skills. Thank You Sylvan!"

- Abe and Deadreau