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Sylvan's tutors teach skills that last a lifetime. We help students learn how to become self-motivated and achieve independence; above all else, we enable them to approach school — and life — with confidence.

We also maintain Sylvan tutoring special offers and seasonal promotions that make getting your child on the road to success easier.

Introducing Sylvan Transitional Kindergarten Reading Class!

Call us to learn more about our reading class for your young reader as you prepare them for Kindergarten!

Call today to find out about our upcoming class dates.
Reserve your space - 415-491-4678!

Taking the SAT or ACT? We can help!!

Sylvan Prep has exciting new courses for students preparing to take the SAT, and/or the ACT. Delivered to more than 150,000 students over more than a decade, these courses provide proven test-taking strategies, state-of-the-art course materials, and solid content review. Sylvan Prep produces results, provides a great value and brings an educator’s perspective to the test preparation process. Call us at 415.491.4678 to find out about our schedule of classes!!

Also, call us to find out about taking a FREE practice test for the SAT and/or ACT!

Ask us about Private Tutoring!

Sylvan can provide tutoring to support your child with homework or to focus on specific academic areas with our world-class curriculum.

Tutoring can take place in our center, in the safety and convenience of your own home, or in another mutually agreed upon location such as your child's school, a library, or community center.

Our private tutoring services are the only one-on-one services backed by the entire Sylvan network of people and resources. We'll provide your child with individual attention from an experienced teacher in the subjects needed.

Our teachers can work with your child to help him/her succeed in school - and in life!

Introducing Sylvan’s New Online Homework Support Service

Finish your homework faster and easier! With, you’ll see short videos, corresponding to the exact pages and concepts in your textbook, that explain the math lessons you’re studying. presents math problems in a new way, shows you the work so you can see how to do it, and provides practice problems (with the answers!), so you can master the concepts in no time!

To get started, visit to sign up – a FREE trial is available! Select your textbook and page number and the video will explain exactly what you need to know.

Getting ready for the SAT or ACT? can help you study for the math portions of these tests as well. Sign Up Today!

Looking at Private High Schools? We can help with Entrance Exams!

Ask about our HSPT/SSAT Prep Courses!!
If you have an 8th grader who will be applying to private high schools, you need to start thinking about getting your child prepared to take the HSPT and/or SSAT in January. We are currently forming classes to prepare for these exams - call us to learn more about our test prep program!

SylvanSync - Powering Today's Sylvan

Learning at Your Child’s Fingertips

Kids today “are one” with technology. They’ve been swiping screens and tapping on keyboards since birth. They feast on knowledge when it’s at their fingertips. They are Digital Natives. That’s why we’ve developed SylvanSync – our solution to give students the edge they need using the digital tools they love.
Today’s Sylvan Includes:
• A personal learning plan specific to your child’s needs
• Digital lessons that come alive when taught by Sylvan teachers, using the intuitive iPad®
• Lessons that adapt to your child’s skill level and pace
• Instant feedback and recognition
• mySylvan™ - with extra activities to do at home and real-time progress tracking

Come see what’s new at Sylvan today.