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Success Stories

Sylvan went beyond my expectations...

"My oldest child has some mild learning disabilities and Sylvan has helped to make a huge improvement in her grades. Sylvan has provided us with so much more than I ever expected. We have had a representative from Sylvan attend our annual IEP Meeting and conferences with the teacher so we could all check in. We are so pleased we will be starting our son there too! Everything has been very positive."

- Dawn, Sylvan Parent from Novato

Thank you teachers!

"I absolutely appreciate the support from all the teachers my two sons work with. Thank you so very, very much!"

- Cheri, Sylvan Parent from San Rafael

Sylvan is making a difference.

"There is wonderful chemistry between my son and his tutors at Sylvan. It's not my son's favorite thing to do, but neither is school. He finds it as pleasant as school can possibly be for him and it's making a difference in his grades. I'm happy and it's been a great and valuable experience."

- Liz, Sylvan Parent from Novato

Tokens are a great incentive!

"My son loves how he gets tokens for doing his work. This incentive has made it exciting for him to attend and gives him something to look forward to. I believe this will also increase his academic self-confidence. He is having fun! Thanks for all your help."

- Brittany, Sylvan Parent from Tiburon

Thank you staff!

"Excellent staff, from administrators to teachers. I have noted improvement in my child's reading performance and will continue the program. Thank you!"

- Curtis, Sylvan Parent from Mill Valley

My 9th grader feels better about school...

"I like the fact that my son doesn't complain about going to Sylvan. Of course he would rather not have to do extra work but knows he needs to go to Sylvan. It has helped his confidence and I think he feels better all around about his school work. Plus the staff at Sylvan is great too!"

- Linda, Sylvan Parent from San Rafael

Sylvan was the best thing for my child's education...

"My son has been attending the San Rafael Sylvan office one year. He falls within the autistic spectrum and the entire staff has been 100% supportive! They are fantastic. He has made great progress, even his elementary school has noticed his improvement.

Sylvan has been the best thing in my child's education. The instructors have been a perfect match for my son. I can say confidently that my son would not be doing as well as he is in school if we had not had Sylvan's help. Thank you!"

- Helen, Sylvan Parent from San Rafael

Now my daughter wants to go to school everyday.

"Seeing my daughter feel good about her work at school and happy that she wants to go to school everyday has made such a difference. The staff is very friendly and nurturing, a perfect fit for her. She looks forward to seeing her "friends" as she puts it, at Sylvan."

- Patricia, Sylvan Parent from Mill Valley

My daughter no longer dreads math.

"We came to Sylvan based on a past positive experience with my niece, who is now an adult. My daughter is very enthusiastic about attending Sylvan and felt from the first day that she was beginning to understand math more. After a few sessions, her confidence is exploding and she no longer dreads math class. She likes all the teachers she's worked with so far, and I like all the administrators I've worked with. My daughter wants to go to her sessions at Sylvan, and that's half the battle with a tutoring program."

- Lisa, Sylvan Parent from Larkspur


"Thanks, Sylvan for all you've accomplished with Jack. He loves to learn and is feeling confident. His reading skills have improved and will benefit from continued reading and writing this Summer!"

- Teacher, L.B. @ SRCS

Great Work

"You guys are doing a wonderful job with Michael!"

- Teacher, M.B. @ SRCS

Math Support

"Thanks for all your support of Justin and his's making a world of difference!"

- Teacher, M.F.

Science and Math

"Have a great summer and thanks to you and the staff for all the help and support this year. You really made a difference!"

- Gina, Parent