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Success Stories

Sylvan is Fabulous!

"We think Sylvan is FABULOUS! Our son has just blossomed during this process. GREAT investment of resources on our part."

- Melissa--Raleigh, NC


"[My daughter] got in the car yesterday and when I asked her how it went, her response was "my teacher is awesome." Thanks for making her first day a great one!!! That's why we
come back to Sylvan, you guys listen and know the child's needs."

- Joy--Raleigh, NC

Excellent Writing Program!

"The writing program has been great. My daughter actually asks me to read her papers now with confidence that she is doing a good job. I am so impressed with the fact she wants to write correctly. Thanks!!!"

- Jeannie--Raleigh, NC

Praise from a Geometry Teacher

"I have seen a remarkable change in my student since she has been coming to your program. She is happier, more confident and doing wonderful in her class work, homework, quizzes and tests. I told her today that she was a new student and I loved this wonderful change in her confidence. She also answers questions and is eager to share her knowledge with the class.
We are finishing up with trig next week, with a test before spring break. After spring break we will be working on Quadrilateral - characteristics, areas and finding sides knowing angels.
Thank you for giving her the confidence she needed to succeed."

- Ms. Debbie G.

Empowering My Son

"Data driven reponses to academic needs.... balanced with a personal touch! Particularly with Ali, the director. Couldn't be more son feels so empowered after each session, the tutors really target problem areas without pressuring. Seeing my son emerge from tutoring after a long day of school with a trumphant smile on his face.....Priceless."

- Kimberly -- Raleigh, NC

Study Skills Program

""The targeted approach to the student.""

- W. Voight

Math Essentials Program

""One on one attention""

- M. McCullough

Homework Support

"My son "is very comfortable with all of the staff and actually looks forward to going!!""

- A. Burtoff

Academic Reading Program

""Older kids use iPad. Your service works! It doesn't gloss over and move on.""

- T. Pace

Academic Reading Program

"My daughter actually loves going & looks forward to her sessions."

- S. Dixon

Homework Support Program

"My son felt much more confident in his math class after coming to Sylvan. He was able to get help on specific issues he was having."

- E. Lewis

Academic Writing Program

"I have already recommended Sylvan to many people. The list of what is amazing about Sylvan is numerous, but here are a few things...
1) The staff is Always available for any question, big or small. Sara and Kristina at the Raleigh, NC, Creedmoor location are amazing, and I feel like they are as dedicated to my children's success as her father and I are.
2) The teachers and the learning via iPads - my daughter has excelled since starting Sylvan. She loves the teachers and said "mom, I wish I could go to school all the time there!'
3) Flexible payment options - need I say more?
Thanks to everyone at the Raleigh, NC Creedmor location for all you do!!"

- E. Scheltinga

Beginning Reading

"The friendly staff."

- K. Crump

Homework Support Program

"The relationship with the local teachers in an attempt to better serve my child. In addition, different teachers/instructors which presents my child with a variety of teaching opportunities."

- C. James

Sylvan Program

"They were custom-tailored to my child. I like that we were able to design a plan based on the specific curriculum goals for my son's school. Teaching methods at Sylvan also seemed very effective, thorough. Proof was in my son's standardized test results and the all "A+" report cards he earned the entire school year. Follow-up testing (Iowa Tests) the school gave him at end of the year also supported the notion that my son was solid on the material. He scored two grade levels ahead, nationally, even though he just skipped a grade! At any rate, I truly appreciated all your help! Thanks!"

- S. Rodzik

Academic Reading Program

"The confidence that builds in the children that you teach is superb. I also like the "don't give up" attitude that the teachers drive the children to maintain. Everyone is very nice and patient."

- T. Batts

Math Essentials Program

"My son gets so excited about going to Sylvan, which is a big plus."

- H. Rosa

Academic Reading Program

"Everything - so friendly and my son really enjoys going and they make learning for him fun."

- T. Clemons

Sylvan Program

"Very Personable, the teachers are very knowledgeable and supportive to the students."

- M. Welch

Sylvan Program

"I have recommended Sylvan Learning to colleagues and family members of mine; whether they have contacted you all or not, I would not know. My experience with Sylvan Learning was very satisfactory. The staff is very professional and pleasant, with a lot of expertise in their field of study. I appreciated the conference feedbacks as they were very detailed; this tells me how much they care about my child's success, and not just about the money!"

- D. Randall

Beginning Reading Program

"My son is loving learning again"

- S. Adams

Sylvan Program

"Good tools and instructors. My child was very encouraged to improve and did well."

- C. Moore

Sylvan Program

"My Son spent 7 years at Sylvan, Middle School through Graduation, the staff and teachers were extremely supportive. Each person involved in my son's education/tutoring at Sylvan took the time to know his needs and worked hard to help him accomplish all tasks brought before him."

- E. Smith-Gales

Sylvan Program

"The services are individualized to my son's needs."

- K. Bash

Sylvan Program

"What I like most about the Sylvan services is how flexible you are with scheduling. I needed your services at the last minute toward the end of the school year for my son. You quickly fit me in and worked around my schedule. If I had to be a few minutes late picking him up, you made me feel like it would be no problem."

- D. Shuler

Academic Reading Program

"Like the student teacher ratio, personal attention to particular needs for the student."

- N. Puri

Academic Reading/Math Essentials Programs

""My daughter likes the instructors. She has incentives that push her to learn. I like that I can look up on the website what she studies each session.""

- M. Spainhour

Kindergarten Readiness

""The one on one attention and tailored curriculum. I also enjoy having to chance to review progress for my son.""

- K. Waters