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Success Stories

Now I have more math skills than I ever thought possible!

"Before Sylvan I always dreaded my math class because of how clueless and overwhelmed I felt with the workload. But after getting personal attention, I have been able to attain more (math skills) than I ever thought imaginable. I now feel comfortable and relaxed in my class, which couldn’t have been possible without Sylvan tutoring!"

- Marisa, 10th grade Sylvan Student from San Francisco

Sylvan brought up my reading and math!

"Sylvan has changed my reading and math by 4 grade levels! It has also helped me get good grades in school."

- Eid, 10th grade Sylvan Student from San Francisco

Sylvan helped me get good grades.

"Sylvan has helped me get good grades in school, because English is not an easy subject for me. I go to Sylvan because my main friend goes on Saturdays. I go to Sylvan three days per week! I appreciate everyone's help. I would like to thank Cliff, Millie, Beth and Carol along with other staff members who help me. Many thanks of course, to my mom."

- Bianca, 11th grade Sylvan Student from San Francisco

Sylvan has boosted my confidence and grades.

"Sylvan has gotten me through school and it has boosted my confidence in every class. Now that I'm getting good grades, home has been more calm and happy so I don't have to be up at 11 o'clock at night doing my homework."

- Duncan, 7th grade Sylvan Student from San Francisco

Sylvan gave my daughter confidence.

"When my daughter first started Sylvan she lacked the confidence that the other children had in her 1st grade class. After only 4 months of attending Sylvan she is more confident and sure of herself. The Sylvan staff is extremely gracious, welcoming and professional. I will recommend Sylvan to all of my collegues and friends!"

- Nicole, Sylvan Parent from San Francisco

Sylvan is helping my son get into college.

"I needed a lot of help in making decisions about my son's academic program, planning, and achievement in preparing him for college...preferably the top UC's. The Sylvan staff has been extremely helpful in this regard. We feel that they have given us valuable advice, support, and encouragement. My son wants to excel in his junior and senior year with the goal of raising his GPA and taking challenging courses. He also wants to get the highest possible SAT scores and will be preparing for that soon with Sylvan. Their follow-up and follow-through guidance is helping us organize and plan better for our son's future."

- Jenny, Sylvan Parent from San Francisco

We couldn't have done it without Sylvan...

"I only have postive feelings about Sylvan. Since our boys attended Sylvan, we have seen a marked improvement in their confidence in math and reading. Our oldest son is now a sophomore in college and is using the skills he learned at Sylvan with his college courses. Our youngest son, a junior in HS, feels good about attending his geometry class now. It is still a challenge, but being able to understand the course better has made a big difference in his performance. Thanks so much Sylvan!! You totally deserve a 10+++!!"

- Joy, Sylvan Parent from San Francisco

A true success story!

"My daughter was really struggling at school with D's-F's as a sophomore. Now she is a senior and has a 3.65 GPA and has been excepted to SF State as a creative writing Major. She is a true success story. I can't thank your organization enough for empowering my daughter. Keep up the great work our children need you!"

- Tony, Sylvan Parent from San Francisco

Sylvan has helped both our kids...

"Our Sylvan teacher is very interested in the progress of our son and she takes an active role in his learning. She has helped our son believe in himself and his abilities. He has said, "I wish my Sylvan teacher was my school teacher." Also, the staff has helped our daughter get ready for the SAT and other tests. She is going to be a senior at Lowell and she has benefited from coming to the center."

- Vicky, Sylvan Parent from San Francisco