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Success Stories

Sylvan has been a wonderful experience!

"We are so thankful for Sylvan Learning Center! Math scores are up by 30% and confidence level has increased by even more than that! The positive reinforcement is a huge factor in success and you folks certainly provide that! I am most impressed by the ability you have to target areas that need work through your assessments, so that the student is working on the areas that really need clarification or practice. The support through the on-line program is also helpful, especially when we were traveling. We are also much appreciative of the input at the IEP conference. Sylvan Learning Center is a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for ALL of your help!"

- Dale, parent

"It's a team effort."

"I have greatly appreciated the support and collaboration between school and Sylvan. The constant communication to make sure we are on the same page to ensure student growth has been superb. Sylvan has always been professional and supportive of the school and the students. Their assistance and support are truly valued."

- Paul, Educator

"Math is his now his favorite subject!"

"When Jakob started at Sylvan he was struggling significantly with math and had been for many years. It was always such a struggle to get him to do his math homework. He felt defeated before he even started and his report card reflected this.

Jakob started Sylvan in September 2012 and what a drastic improvement not only with his attitude and confidence, but also on his report card. He has gained skills and believes in himself now, saying math is his favorite subject. He is proficient in all areas on the standardized state testing. Sylvan has been crucial in helping Jakob learn and he especially enjoys earning items from the store. Thank you for all your help!"

- Jodi and Dan, Sylvan parents

David S.

"Dramatic improvement in academic skill and self confidence. Would recommend Sylvan to improve any student's academic performance."

Doris Chamberlain, parent of Colby

"Colby struggled through grade school, primarily with math, organization and study skills. When it was time for Colby to move to the Middle School, we were very concerned and worried he would fall behind and stop enjoying school. It was very important that he get the extra help now to bring him up to grade level with these subjects.

Since Colby started coming to Sylvan his math has improved tremendously. Whenever we are out making a puchase, he can rattle off the change due back without any hesitation. This was always difficult before. He is currently honing his organization and study skills. Colby enjoys the teachers at Sylvan. He has made some new friends. I would recommend Sylvan to any parent whose child is struggling in school. I feel that helping Colby now opens doors to a brighter future."

Jan and Brenda, Educators

"As Alexandria's third grade teachers, we have seen a marked change in Ali's self-confidence since she has begun the Sylvan program. She comes to school with a positive attitude and really tries to do her work. Her work completion has improved. She has a new and improved "take charge" attitude about her learning in school. We attribute this to the Sylvan program, as these improvements directly coincide with Ali's attendance in the program."

Joseph and Kathryn, parents of Justin

"For the first time in [my son's] school career he now has the motivation and self-confidence to tackle his homework assignments by himself -something we never dreamed would occur!"

Kristen, Sylvan Parent

"My daughter enjoyed going to Sylvan. As parents, we have seen great improvement in her reading and self-esteem."

Kristy, Sylvan Parent

"I wanted to write to you to express my sincere gratitude for doing what you say you are going to do. Many places make promises and don't deliver. Your learning center came through. Not only did you help my daughter but you've helped others that I know. I called your 1-800 number after both my daughter and myself saw your commericial on television. We decided we needed to make the call to get her the help she needed. Your center has been very good to work with and we appreaciate the caring staff that you have. Sylvan Learning Center was my answer and I will recommend Sylvan to anyone. THANK YOU FOR HELPING US!"

Lowell and Diane, parents of Eric

"Eric is now in sixth grade and his math skills are up to a seventh grade level. His confidence, grades and attitude have improved. With continued hard work, we know that Eric will be successful throughout his school years. Sylvan has played an important role in that success!"

Marian, Sylvan Parent

"All of our daughter's grades have gone up. People ask what happened and I say Sylvan happened! Her confidence has skyrocketed as her writing in all subjects is easier. It was money well spent. Thank you for having a wonderful program. All our goals have been met. Sylvan was the key."

Mother of a Sylvan Student

"[My daughter] always has been a hard worker, but she also was very hard on herself. The self-esteem she realized through Sylvan made all the difference in the world! Almost immediately, she was more confident in herself and her school work!"

Student Improves SAT Scores After Attending Sylvan SAT Prep Classes

""We are so proud. Our son did a great job and I want to thank you and you staff who worked with him. It paid off. He has been accepted to Husson and to Plymouth state University. We are still waiting to hear from UMaine. Thank you for everything. Please share the great news." His scores improved in all three areas.

Math from 450 to 490
Reading from 380 to 420
Writing from 340 to 420"

- Susan, Sylvan Parent

Summer 2010 at Sylvan

"Here is what some of our students had to say about Sylvan over the summer:

C- "It feels good coming to Sylvan. I understand more... like the dots for the minutes on the analog clock."
M- "Sylvan helped me learn. It has helped me with my grades, higher scores on my tests and I got on the honor roll three times this year. I actually feel good about my schoolwork now!"
M- "Sylvan has taught me a lot about math and writing."
B- "I know it is going to get me to grade level. I like earning tokens and going to the store. I learn new things here as I go."
D- "I feel good about Sylvan because I can learn here. I read and sound out words.""